Saturday, May 21, 2011

Calorie Counting vs. Weight Watchers Points Plus

A few weeks ago, I decided I would try counting points+ and calories and see how I felt about the two. I will start off by saying I HATED trying to calculate points. I have a handy little app on my phone that did most of the work for me and I still felt it was a pain.

I only counted WW Points+ for a few days, but it just irritated me. I was, however, not irritated by simply counting calories. For me, this was just much simpler, and admittedly, I may not be getting as much information about what I eat, or percentages; but the results still speak for themselves.

I have lost 5lbs in the last 2 weeks, counting calories alone. I have slacked off on working out but still the scale dips lower and lower. I have now lost nearly one third of weight I am striving to lose and my pants keep getting looser.

If Weight Watchers isn't your thing, give calorie counting a shot. I know it takes some effort but if you track as you eat, but this will help keep you from over eating during the day. When I see I only have 500 calories left at the end of the day for dinner, I plan a dinner that's right around 500 calories.

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