Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ghirardelli Chocolate and Caramel Squares

In my quest to lose weight I am trying to cut back on my sweets. Finding treats that are low in calories and still leave me feeling like I got my sugar fix are hard to find.

Yesterday, I tried the new Ghirardelli chocolate and caramel squares. It was a variety back that features a dark chocolate with caramel, a milk chocolate with caramel and a milk chocolate with a a vanilla caramel.

Oh My Goodness! So delicious! They just melt in your mouth. The vanilla caramel was my favorite, I tries the regular caramel in milk chocolate too. I don't like dark chocolate very much, and usually only when accompanied by mint, like a Klondike bar or Junior Mints.

The bag specifies that 3 squares is a serving, and consists of 220 calories. However, these puppies were so sweet I was able to eat one, and like half an hour later try another one. Therefore, I had two small 75 calorie chocolates :)

If you need to keep a small, utterly rich and delicious treat around, grab a bag of these. Just remember to eat one at a time, and savor it so you don't devour the whole bag.

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