Thursday, February 10, 2011

Everlast Fit 3" Aerobic Step for the Nintendo Wii Fit

Last night, my significant other and I went out to Best Buy and bought the Everlast Fit 3" Aerobic Step platform for the Wii Fit Balance board. This platform adds the additional inches to bring the Wii Fit Balance board to the step aerobics standard.

Yesterday I had bumped my step aerobics workout time from 30 to 40 minutes. Today with the extra height I only did 30 minutes, but I will tell you I surely felt the burn. I also completed an additional 30 minutes of combined yoga and strength training exercises on my Wii Fit.

The Everlast Fit Step is great. It only set me back $20 (on sale at Best Buy, normally $25), but I know this was a great investment. The platform was also very easy to put together. It comes in three pieces, with four screws and only takes a screwdriver and about 2 minutes to assemble.

The platform once assembled sits under the Wii Fit Balance board and is remarkably stable. I use my Wii Fit in my living room on the carpet, I have not attempted to use it on a hard surface, but it has non slip rubber feet so I don't think it will go anywhere.
If you have a Wii Fit and would like to get more out of your step aerobics workout I highly recommend this product for maximum workout benefits.

(Note: I purchased this product of my choice, I was not asked to do a product review, nor was I given any incentive for completing this review.)


  1. wow looks cool, thanks for sharing your personal experience thinking to try this out

  2. You are doing all exercise in a day ... how you will know which one is helping you ??