Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Free and Cheap Gym Alternatives

As we all know gym memberships and personal trainers are expensive. Don't let the cost of a gym membership be your excuse. There are plenty of ways to get excersice for little or no cost.

1. Jogging or running is free. This is something you can do outside anywhere you like or even jog around in your house. If you feel like it you can purchase a new or used treadmill.

2. Step Aerobics doesn't have to be in a class, you can do it at home on your own steps, or purchase a step board, they are not very expensive.

3. Youtube has a plethra of workout videos, or you can purchase any number of workout videos online or in stores.

4. Consider joining a local sports team, or find a friend to work out with. Many people will advertise on Craig's List looking for someone to workout with. (PLEASE be careful when dealing with strangers on Craigslist or any other website, take a friend with you and meet in a public place.)

5. Dancing in your house to music can be great exercise. Try and find upbeat music and really move for at least 20 minutes. If you are not sweating and out of breath you're not getting all the benefit.

6. Spinning or bicycling is another great fairly inexpensive way to get a great workkout. Plus buying a bike or a stationary bike is a one time expense, as opposed to a monthly gym membership.

7. Consider signing up for classes at an annex or community college, these are usually failry inexpensive and you get the benefit of having an instructor to help you.

8. Yoga is considered to be an aerobic exercise as well, and if you don't want to join a yoga class you can watch some videos on youtube, or buy a video.

9. The Wii Fit for those of you who have a Wii or would like to get one this is a great program not only because of exercises but because there is an instructor programmed in to guide you along the way.

Now you can't let that "I can't afford a gym" mentailty get to you anymore. You can workout anywhere, you just have to want it bad enough. Stick with it and you'll be much happier with yourself.

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