Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Good Influence

It can be very hard to stay motivated when trying to lose weight. Finding ways to stay positive and encouraged can be hard. One of the things that motivates me to stay on track is my family.

As you may know from my past postings I've never been a very active person, nor have I paid much attention to my health. I now know I was neglecting more then my own health.

I have started trying to better the whole family's health by improving what we eat and trying to get everyone to engage in more physical activity, and it's working!

My kids have started asking me "Is this a healthy snack Mom?" and they ask me questions about the nutrition facts when I read them out loud to them. They know that soda is a special treat for special occasions.

I've even caught my fiance several times looking at the nutritional facts and making faces as he realizes what I've been realizing the last many months since I made the switch.

Now my kids still HATE wheat bread, but all in all the whole family is thinking about their eating and everyone is trying to keep active. My new habits are even rubbing off on my close friends, who not only listen to my advice and use it but bring me ideas and suggestions they pick up elsewhere.

It feels really good when you can be a positive influence on other in your life. It helps keep me motivated to know that I'm not just improving my health and lifestyle, but I am teaching my kids what's important in the process.

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