Thursday, April 7, 2011

Great Combo

In the last few months I have developed a love for oatmeal and cranberries. As a child I hated oatmeal and cranberries, and I'm not sure if eating better, or just growing up caused the change in my pallet.

I have had cranberry oatmeal granola bars, cranberry and granola cereal and then two days ago I found cranberry oatmeal cookies at the store. Yum! These cookies were amazing. It was a two pack of jumbo cookies from the bakery at Safeway. The only bummer is the bakery doesn't list their nutritional facts on the packaging.

So, today I am hunting down a low calorie cranberry oatmeal cookie recipe to try. I always have oatmeal and dried cranberries in the pantry and I am looking forward to making some of my own here at home. These would be a great filling snack and would even make a great breakfast for someone on the go.

I will follow up on this post with the results, recipes and nutrition facts!

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