Sunday, April 10, 2011

Skirts, Bikinis and Shorts...Oh MY!

I saw a commercial the other day where a woman was working out and with each stretch she listed summer clothes she wants to fit like skirts, bikinis and shorts. This commercial struck me deep down and I've kind of incorporated it into my workouts.

It can be really hard to get through 30 minutes of any kind of workout, so finding ways to stay on track and motivated are important. I think about this commercial when I work out and envision myself in gorgeous summer clothes I've never been able to wear, like a two piece!

Focus on your reason for losing weight while working out. I have multiple reasons and I try and think about them all. I think about being healthier, how I will look thinner, what clothes I can fit, and I think about the things I can't do now because of my weight.

I would like to run a marathon and at my current weight and fitness level that's not going to happen, but who's to say in 6 months what I can or can't do if I keep up on my workouts.

So for all of you out there struggling, remember why you are doing this and picture it in your mind, the minutes on the workout clock will start moving faster if you're not focused on it.

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