Sunday, April 3, 2011

Metabolism Boost

So what are easy ways to boost your metabolism? There are some simple changes you can make to your life that will encourage your metabolism to rev up.

The first is one we've all heard is eat breakfast. I love breakfast food, but was never good at eating it during the morning. I spent years skipping breakfast, sometimes lunch too, and then pigged out for dinner. My attitude was I haven't eaten all day so I can eat all my calories for dinner! Never mind I was already drinking over half of my calories in soda.

Since I have incorporated breakfast into my life, I wake up hungry and I can feel the difference, especially if I eat something good for breakfast. I also make sure I eat lunch and a small dinner.

Another way to boost your metabolism is exercise. Even if it's just parking at the outskirts of the parking lot and walking more, or start an actual work out program, this will force your metabolism to pick up. As you build muscle strength and your muscles get bigger they will burn calories more efficiently as well.

Stop eating a few hours before bed. Your body burns calories much slower in the evening and while you are sleeping. Think about your dinner sitting in your stomach at night adding fat to your system. If you stop eating a few hours before bed, you have the opportunity to digest and burn off most of your dinner before going to bed. This will also make eating breakfast much easier as you will be hungry in the morning.

Try any or all of these tips for just a week. I know you will feel the results, and you may notice a change on the scale at the end of the week too.

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