Thursday, March 17, 2011

An Article I Read about Regret & Guilt

I have signed up for several different blogs and emails from other weight loss websites and blogs, and I try and read them everyday. I find a lot of great ideas and inspiration for new ideas for my blog.

Calorie Count is a website that offers a lot of online tools for weight loss and better living, including a calorie journal, daily emails and advice. I signed up a few months back and receive the daily emails and find that most of the time the headline will get me to open and read the article.

Today's article really hit home, it put two very strong emotions, into the form of characters in a story, Regret and her horrible twin Guilt. It talks about the differences in the two emotions and how regret often leaves us with a lesson learned and guilt just leads to more guilt.

If you have ever had a hard time trying to lose weight and felt bad about it in any way I encourage you to read this article. I found that while I used to really relate to the Sister Guilt, since changing my outlook on my lifestyle and weight, I find myself feeling more and more like Sister Regret.

Which sister do you relate to most? Does it make you want to change your frame of mind?

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