Monday, March 21, 2011

Children and Healthy Habits

Growing up, I knew I was over weight. What I didn't know was how to change it. I was told to get out more often, eat better. No one taught me about calories, nutrition facts or aerobic exercise. I'm not angry about it, health and weight education was not as readily available as it is today.

When I was thirteen, my family and I talked to my doctor about my weight I was prescribed the diet drug combo knows as Phen-Fen, until I fell to the floor with chest pains and was told to quit immediately. Since then I have tried other diet pills and crash diets. No one taught me about lifestyle changes and healthy habits.

I am very thankful that now, when my kids are growing up, healthy choices are in the spotlight. People have gotten tired of being fed over sized, high calorie meals and are now pushing corporations to make changes. The government is also making steps towards changing how people think and feel about their food, and Kudos! to Michelle Obama for her "Let's Move" campaign and Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution for bringing that to our children.

I am proud to say that my children are aware that what they eat and exercise are important. They both know and understand what a nutrition label is and why I am reading them. (They even brought me home 2 of my favorite Naked Juices instead of cake for my birthday yesterday, because they know I am trying to lose weight and eat better.)

It's important for us to teach our children about making healthy choices. Talk to your kids when you are reading labels, tell them why the ingredients you are using are healthy, tell them why you are grabbing a diet instead of a regular soda. They listen and absorb more then you would think. Help your children make the choices that will lead to a healthier lifestyle as adults.

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