Sunday, March 20, 2011

Super Natural Food?

There is no such thing as super natural food right? By that logic everything is natural, from the blueberries picked off the bush to the rubber in your tires. That means that every thing you eat is technically "natural" by the meaning of the word.

I find it hilarious how many companies and products are labelling their food as healthy and all natural, like Pizza Hut when they came out with their "Natural Pizza," I wanted to laugh. There was nothing special about that pizza, nor the word natural.

The Federal Food and Drug Administration do not regulate the word natural, and there for everyone can slap the label natural on anything they like, even genetically modified foods can be given the term natural, and most people just accept it as a healthy choice.

Well Stop! Please remember that marketing comes up with these coined terms and ideas, to make you think things are healthier then they are. You have to try and remain objective, read labels and think for yourself!

If someone does find a super natural food though, please let me know! Can you just see ghostly bell peppers, or bread with ESP? I can just hear it now... "don't eat me!"

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  1. I think it's very funny that a lot of people go on and on about how much better organic things are and how much better they taste. How much healthier they are for you. And yet I dare pretty much anyone to try this experiment:

    Get some paper plates (and a group of guinea pigs/friends/whoever) willing to take part in your test.
    Get yourself one piece of organic fruit (such as an apple or banana), and another piece of the same fruit which is not labeled as organic.
    Label the bottom of the plates so you (the person running the test) can tell what's what.
    Offer the test subjects pieces of fruit and ask them to judge which fruit they believe is organic and which one is not. The bottom of the plate will tell what's really what.
    If you really want to mess with people cut one non-organic banana in half and offer it on two plates as if the samples were different.
    As so eloquently stated in dragonfly's post above, it is so important to think for ourselves!