Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Not letting it get you down

My family did not have a great week. Seemed like nothing was going right, including throwing out my back falling asleep on my couch. I did not blog for days, nor did I exercise. I felt like crap, but I told myself to not let it get me down. Things can only get better and they are slowly improving, including my back.

I did not stop keeping track of my calories though and it showed when I got on the scale and I've lost 3 pounds this week even with out being able to work out. I am planning on trying to go back to a slightly relaxed work out tomorrow and see how things go. Remember it is very important to not push yourself too hard if you have an injury, or you will make things worse.

My point here is not to give up. I hurt myself and couldn't work out but I didn't let myself throw the calorie counting down the drain. I maintained my portion control and it's showing, mostly in my waistline! Remember each day is a battle and just keep fighting.

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